Friends, fans, family - there is barely a distinction: For Lingo these three words have come to mean one and the same. Yet, the time has come. After 30 years of adventures in song, dance, and love, we're calling it a day.

You've had a magical, profound effect on our lives; you've promoted our growth as song writers and performers by embracing all we have had to offer, and, yes, your generosity helped keep the Lingo van on the highways & put food on our tables. Above all, your movement and release fed our souls like nothing could ever achieve.

Instead of one extravagant, big send-off, our scheduled gigs will be our farewell. Let's call it our Fall Finale. We hope to see you there, if not in body, then in spirit.

Blessings & salutations. May we always hear, see and feel the music.

With love,

Sally, Tony, Steve and John

Precious Moments